My story

My story: A realization

Only a couple of days ago, i had to call my dad because i had a breakdown. I felt so terribly alone and i need someone to talk to, so he came over. While trying to get my hyperventilation under control, i complained about how i didn’t think my boyfriend was supporting me enough. My dad told me that i was being too harsh.

“How is that poor boy going to help you all the way from Austria? Especially in that way you want it.”

“But all i want is someone to listen to me and tell me its gonna be okay! To hug me and kiss me on the forehead. To comfort me! …. all i want is a mom” I said this while crying my heart out. Right there something clicked. I was trying to get my boyfriend to fill out the role of my mom.

My mom is alive and well, she is just in another country most of the time and have been so all my life. I only saw her twice a month when i was younger, that became once a month, every second month, and so on. Now i only see her twice a year. I have only in the reason years gotten a good relationship with my stepmother and her daughter also has problem because of the way she raised her. So i have never had a mother figure that has been there for me when i really needed it and saw the change in me when i became more and more depressed. I still need a mother figure or a comfort person, but for now it has made me more calm to realise that my boyfriend wasn’t being bad at comforting me.

How to ask a boy to find his mother instincts lol.

If you got someone to talk to, that wants to listen to you crying out. Cry out. Sometimes you realize something that can change your world and maybe help you. Sometimes they tell you that what you are doing is wrong. My dad basically saved my relationship.

Love CupCakeMixxi

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