My story

It’s been a long time

So it has been a long time since I wrote anything. It’s normal for me to start a project and do well, to then give up on it after a week.  There has been ups and downs, but that is life. I started to get emails about people following me and i felt like writting again. Mostly because i am getting better and i wanna tell people that its possible. I’ve been stuck for two years, but im finally getting better. So its worth fighting for yourself. Its always worth fighting.

As i said i’ve gotten better! Gotten myself a good guy and i have finally found a place i can call my own. I dont have to stay with my mom anymore. I love her but some people arent healthy for you. And if they dont understand that and cant take a step away from you for you, then you need to do that.

Nothing is easy, but it will get better one day.