My story

My story: The Doctor’s

I was just at my doctor today and it’s maybe the 5th time this month. I feel like my anxiety might get me to call a bit more often, but eh, it’s free. The things is that i have realized how easily scared i am. My doctor had to tell me that she couldn’t handle more information otherwise she will forget what we have talked about.

Everything just seem so scary because you never know when it’s the pills doing something or if it is something else. I am lucky that i got so nice doctors who understand how scary anxiety can be, but i also have to remember that not all little things will turn dangerous fast. I will survive to go around with it to see if it develops.

A little advice.


The “you have cancer” memes are true! It is the most efficient way to scare the cupcake out of me ^^’

Love CupCakeMixxi

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