My story

My Story: Heartbroken

Today my mom called me and did her usual ranting about how i’m not doing enough stuff. She does know i have depression and but she keeps pushing. She is a very strong woman and for her it is natural to push back harder if the world pushes you into a corner. She does it for love and all she wants to do is to help and i mean, try telling a mother to not help her kid, when her kid is suffering. No mother can hold back, even tho i keep telling her that she is just hurting more than helping.

The thing that broke my heart tho is that my idiot of a stepdad scolded her for not doing enough to help!  URG. No one says that to my mom. She might have made some bad choices when i were younger, but she never did anything to hurt me. She is working so hard on giving me the life she never had.

It made me cry and i want to punch my step dad. Of course all he want is to help to, but don’t talk like that to your wife! You are supposed to support her too!

If someone is sad about your situation and are trying to help, then they are doing all that they can do!

My mom might be the biggest source of my panicattackst and problems but i love her by all of my heart. We are just too different to understand each other well, but we are both working hard on getting to understand each other more and more.

I love you mom, you are the strongest woman i know.

Love CupCakeMixxi


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